By Integrity360 on December 14, 2023

2023 in 23 Statistics

Industry Trends & Insights

In 2023, Integrity360 conducted a series of Twitter Polls of the cyber security industry. Below are the statistics our team gathered relating to subjects like the use of AI in cyber security and cyber crime and the big challenges organisations are facing. 



  1. 68% noted concerns about cybercriminals using deepfakes to target their organisations


  1. 59% agree that AI is increasing the number of cyber security attacks


  1. 46% disagreed with the statement that they do not understand the impact of AI on cyber security


  1. 61% expressed apprehension over the increase in AI, suggesting industry concerns


  1. 71% agree that AI is improving speed and accuracy of incident response


Security teams and Incident Response 


  1. 90% of security teams witnessed an increase in alert activity


  1. 76% reporting an increase of between 1-50%


  1. 31% of those responsible for handling IR, report that insufficient budget is being allocated to IR


  1. 27% suggesting attacks have become more challenging to detect and defend against


  1. 40% feeling they needed to respond quickly


  1. 31% said they felt weighed down by responsibility when handling an incident.

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Cyber Attacks and Cyber Security 

  1. 55% said data theft was their biggest concern in 2023


  1. 29% said ransomware was their biggest concern in 2023


  1. 35% said phishing was their biggest worry in 2023


  1. 46% said financial loss was the most damaging impact of a cyber security breach


  1. 28% said a loss of customer trust was the second most damaging impact of a breach


 17. 36% see increased defences as the most significant benefit of cyber security collaboration


18. 29% of organisations believe that MDR should be a priority


19. Organisations utilising MDR services have 62% fewer security incidents per year


20. 40% of respondents to our survey feel that cyber security testing is best outsourced rather than handled in house


21. 35% are of the view that a service provider is better placed to manage their cloud computing security


22. 36% see faster response times as being the biggest benefit of a managed detection and response service.


23. 23% of respondants said there was a lack of IR skills and experience within their teams as a result of the cyber skills gap.


If you have concerns around any of the areas highlighted in the above statistics or would like to discuss any of these areas in further detail please contact us to arrange a meeting with some of our expert team.


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