ACT, Bermuda’s largest tech company and cyber security firm Integrity360 are pleased to announce a joint partnership that will provide the Bermuda market with specialist IT security services and technologies. ACT plans to leverage Integrity360’s world-class expertise to secure the IT environment for customers and help them to ensure adequate protections are always in place.

As the cost of data breaches to enterprises around the world continues to rise, strategic partnerships within the technology sector aim to prevent security incidents and improve response time to breaches, thus reducing the impact. The partnership with Integrity360 will allow ACT to enhance its integrated threat defense solutions.

Incidents that take longer than 30 days to contain cost millions more than those contained within 30 days – reference?

“We are very excited at the opportunities that lie ahead as part of our partnership with Integrity360,” said Dave Bart CEO of ACT. He added: “Working with a best in breed security organization will ensure that we are able to provide our customers with end to end solutions that will ultimately minimize the overall risks to their respective network environments.”

Eoin Goulding, CEO of Integrity360, commented: “We’re looking forward to working with ACT to help their customers address the challenges faced in managing emerging cybersecurity threats and to promote cybersecurity as an enabler to their customers.”

ACT and Integrity360 will be holding joint meetings in Bermuda with customers on November 28th & 29th. If you would like to take part in any of the meetings please contact ACT at or 295-1616

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