Data security is critical to building an effective cybersecurity strategy according to more than 60 % of polled organisations 

London, 8 Dec. 2022: Integrity360, UK and Ireland’s largest cyber security services specialist, together with its partner and leading vendor in AI-driven threat detection and response, Vectra today announced new findings from a Twitter poll exploring critical cyber security threats. The poll found that 35 % of cybersecurity professionals cited employee burnout as the most concerning issue amongst increasing cyber threats.  

This comes as cyber security teams are put under mounting pressure to tackle the complexity of the modern hybrid enterprise and the necessity to protect corporate data wherever it resides. In fact, almost 63 % of respondents highlighted security of data as being most important to their organisation when establishing the need for effective cyber security services. Of lesser concern was, securing reputation (19%), productivity (12%) and saving money (7%). 

The good news is that organisations are looking to implement critical security measures to ensure greater threat detection and response in 2023, with identity and access management (29.9%) and cloud security (29.7%) on top of the agenda, followed by network (19.6%) and endpoint security (20.6%).  

As businesses look to new ways to detect and contain threats that have bypassed preventative security controls, Integrity360 and Vectra have partnered to extend its exiting threat detection and response service portfolio, delivering network detection and response and critically, cloud, SaaS and identity detection and response capabilities with the launch of the Vectra Managed Detection and Response Services. 

Richard Ford, CTO at Integrity360, said: “Analysts are facing severe burnout from alert fatigue and Security Operations Centre (SOC) overwhelm, and organisations are lacking the experience, skills and bandwidth needed to detect and manage security incidents and data - quickly and effectively. The integration of Vectra into our MDR service is a game changer. It allows us to provide a full end to end capability to monitor and proactively hunting threats across the entire hybrid enterprise, delivering advanced Threat Detection and Threat Response services and relieving SOC teams overwhelmed by noise.” 

When questioned on the best approaches to future-proof the security of their organisation, 52 % of respondents to the poll pointed to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) as the best means.  

The new Vectra Managed Detection and Response Service (MDR) augments the SOC with AI and ML capabilities, adopting behavioural based detection instead of reliance on static or signature-based detection alone. AI combines an understanding of the environment with threat models, and human threat intelligence, to automatically surface the threats, allowing for an 85% increase in efficiency of threat identification and a 2x rise in security operations productivity. 

The service enables organisations to detect and respond to threats across Cloud, SaaS, Identity and Network, removing critical blind spots and stopping cyber-attacks before they become breaches through Vectra’s Attack Signal Intelligence, which continuously monitors for use of attacker methods and learns the customers unique environment. 

Garry Veale, Regional Director UKI, Vectra, commented: “The partnership sets us apart from the ‘catch and dispatch’, ‘detect and notify’ type providers, by enabling us to proactively hunt threats within the customer environment, integrating with enforcement points, identity, perimeter, and endpoint for effective and rapid response in the event of an active threat. This approach signifies a huge breakthrough in MDR services, and we are excited to see how the partnership evolves.”  




Comprising of four question and answer options and drawing 1483 responses, the Integrity360 Twitter poll was conducted between 1st-5th December 2022. 

About Integrity360 
Integrity360 is one of Europe’s leading cybersecurity specialists operating from office locations in Ireland and the UK. The group provides a comprehensive range of professional, support and managed cybersecurity services that identify, prevent, detect and respond to cyber risks and threats. Working either independently or as an extension of a organisations own team, Integrity360 strengthens security postures for both mid-market and enterprise organisations across a wide range of sectors including financial services, insurance, government, healthcare, retail, telecoms and utilities. 


During mid 2021 the company received a major strategic investment from leading London based private equity firm August Equity as part of a significant growth and expansion plan that will build the brand internationally. The group acquired leading UK cyber provider Caretower in Feb 2022, and now operates with over 300 employees including over 200 cybersecurity engineers, analysts, consultants and specialists and revenues in 2022 of circa €80m. 


About Vectra 

Vectra® is the leader in Security AI-driven hybrid cloud threat detection and response. Only Vectra optimizes AI to detect attacker methods—the TTPs at the heart of all attacks—rather than simplistically alerting on "different." The resulting high-fidelity threat signal and clear context enables cybersecurity teams to rapidly respond to threats and stop attacks from becoming breaches. The Vectra platform and services cover public cloud, SaaS applications, identity systems and network infrastructure – both on-premises and cloud-based. Organizations worldwide rely on the Vectra platform and services for resilience to ransomware, supply chain compromise, identity takeovers, and other cyberattacks impacting their organization. For more information, visit