By Admin on October 02, 2015

EOY: From bicycle alarms to battling cyber theft

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It would seem Eoin had a taste for business from a very early age having left school in 1996 to set up his own PC and server business.

The dotcom crash led him to work for a US IT company and when it pulled out of Ireland in 2005, Eoin seized the opportunity to set up his second business venture, Integrity Solutions. Over the next ten years Eoin continued to drive the business forward and with its growing success the company was rebranded in early 2015. Integrity360 was born and is now the largest IT security specialist in Ireland and the fastest growing in the UK offering solutions to data theft.

With so many different online threats Integrity360 shows companies how to protect their data and brand from cyber-attacks. According to Eoin the greatest of these security threats is usually due to a lack of resources and employee awareness. “A lot of times they just don't know the risks and do something like opening an email that has attachment that they shouldn't have clicked on... Education of employees would be an area that companies really need to invest in, such as security awareness training.”

Eoin credits the people within Integrity360 for driving the business forward and setting it apart from its competitors. “The technical expertise and experience in the company are some of the greatest in the industry and our clients remain with us because of these highly skilled people who they can rely on and can trust to go above and beyond to ensure their needs are met.”

Perhaps, the greatest challenge for Eoin and Integrity360 was starting the company with little to no money or investment but, for Eoin, overcoming this has been one of their great achievements. “Since the very beginning I’ve reinvested back continuously so we’ve had no borrowing to report. Reinvesting has definitely aided our growth, allowing us to set up research and development projects internally.”

Integrtity360 prides itself on the skills of its people. Eoin says that the best advice he received and would give to any entrepreneur is to surround yourself with the best possible people. “This applies in both personal life and in business. And of course, don’t be afraid to give it a go. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again!”

Article courtesy of UTV Ireland, Zoe Fagan