By The Integrity360 Team on March 31, 2021

Ireland’s Top Expert Partner 2020

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Integrity360 is delighted to be awarded Ireland’s Top Expert Partner 2020 with Fortinet as part of their virtual Accelerate 2021 Conference last month. Integrity360 received high client satisfaction ratings during 2020, delivering complete security solutions and focusing on post sales enhancing client experiences.

Utilising the Fortinet Network Security Expert (NSE) training programme, Integrity360 has been consistently upskilling and training staff both sales and technical. Multiple enablement sessions were held throughout the year highlighting continuous cross collaboration and teamwork to be able to bring to market security driven networking solutions. Through this award, the company has proved their ability to accurately assess and address client needs and ensure that solutions are deployed in accordance with best practices, while ensuring clients get the most from their infrastructure investments.

Fortinet note that their partner awards programme recognises partners that have devoted considerable resources to the success of their customers’ security by providing tools, guidance, and expertise to a wide range of organizations across the globe seeking to secure their networks from increasingly sophisticated attacks.

Brian Martin from Integrity360 holding Fortinet award

As an Expert Fortinet partner, Integrity360 is now one of only few Fortinet partners with skills in all Fortinet technologies, including enterprise wireless, access management, web application firewalling, application delivery, email protection and sandboxing.

During 2020, Integrity360 was also awarded three specialisations by Fortinet including Secure SD-WAN, Data Centre and Public Cloud, offering assurance to Integrity360 clients that the highest levels of qualifications are in place to advise and deliver solutions effectively and in line with best practices. Integrity360 was the first and only partner in Ireland to be awarded this specialisation and one of only two partners in the UK with it. 

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