We’re delighted to reveal that Integrity360 SIEM services was listed as a Representative Vendor in Managed SIEM in Gartner’s Guide for Managed SIEM published on August 17, 2022.

What is Gartner and why we think being included is a big deal?

Gartner delivers actionable, objective insight to executives and their teams. Our expert guidance and tools enable faster, smarter decisions and stronger performance on an organization’s most critical priorities.

The Market Guide helps in “understanding early, mature and smaller markets. When markets are growing and IT solutions are stable yet competitive, Magic Quadrants provide the best tool for understanding the positioning of the providers; however, when new markets emerge and the offerings and user requirements are in flux, solutions are often difficult to compare, making a competitive positioning less useful. Or, when a market matures to the point that the offerings become fairly interchangeable, comparative positioning is less important than an analysis of and recommendations about the market itself. In these scenarios, a Gartner Market Guide can provide the right insight.

The inclusion of Integrity 360 follows on from our Managed Security Service offering being included for two consecutive years in Gartner's 2021 and 2022 Market Guide for Managed Security Services.

Richard Ford, Chief Technology Officer, Integrity360 said, “We are thrilled to be named as a Representative Vendor by Gartner in its Market Guide for Managed SIEM services. We believe Integrity360 has the best people delivering cutting-edge services and solutions to customers and being named in the report is testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire managed services team.

‘Our team’s expertise and Integrity360’s agnostic approach to technology allows us to match a customer’s specific needs with the right tools, strategies, and technologies available on the market today.”


What makes our Managed SIEM stand out?

Integrity360’s managed SIEM service is powered by our Security Operations Centre (SOC) and covers the whole event journey.

From the moment an incident is declared our team swings into action to triage and investigate. Our SOC contains, eradicates, and supports network recovery from an attack and a dedicated service manager provides regular cyber security reviews. Finally, our threat hunting team continuously identifies any potential risks to take preventative action to reduce the chances of a breach occurring again.

In short, our highly experienced cyber security analysts go above and beyond to monitor our customers networks twenty fours’ hours a day, seven days a week throughout the year.

Learn more about our managed SIEM service by downloading our eBook or contact us today to speak to a SIEM security specialist.

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