Integrity360, UK and Ireland’s largest independent cyber security services specialist, today announced that it is targeting significant business growth following the launch of its new managed Digital Risk Protection Service.

Powered by the SearchLight platform from leading threat intelligence provider Digital Shadows, the new and innovative service offers 24/7 monitoring and rapid response for digital risks outside of traditional business environments or infrastructure by proactively scanning for threats on the Open, Deep and Dark web.

The solution can limit the potential damage from data leakage with early detection of credentials or documents in online data stores, paste sites or within criminal fora on the Dark web, and offers online brand protection by alerting if an organisation’s identity is being used or impersonated maliciously. It also reduces the potential attack surface by identifying system vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and weak or expiring certificates within a company’s externally-facing infrastructure.

Furthermore, Integrity360’s Digital Risk Protection Service provides curated and tailored threat intelligence reporting to customers including information on threats relating to their wider industry, similar organisations, targeted against their specific infrastructure, and within their specific geographic region.

The service will reduce the burden on in-house security teams, resulting in increased threat visibility and improved threat prevention, while also delivering significant time and cost savings for businesses. It can act as a standalone offering or can be integrated with Integrity360’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service for a holistic 360-degree security threat detection solution.

The cybersecurity services specialist will be targeting customers across multiple sectors and industries with this service – which can be implemented within a day – including finance, insurance, legal, manufacturing, retail, utilities, and professional services. It expects to grow its own cyber threat response team to meet demand as the service scales.

Brian Martin, Head of Product, Strategy and Innovation for Integrity360, said: “Most security services focus on threats to organisations once they are on the doorstep or have already infiltrated the environment. However, there is a world of external digital risks and threats to organisations that can be extremely hard to monitor – and that’s the critical blind spot we aim to address with this service.

"The new service provides constant vigilance in external risk visibility, but also reduces the noise from this high level of monitoring, ensuring real risks are dealt with rapidly, efficiently, and effectively. After all, rapid response is the key to reducing the risk of negative security incidents. This is increasingly important with the rising volume and sophistication of cyber threats. This proposition, combining a leading managed service provider with a leading Digital Risk monitoring platform, is quite unique within the Irish and UK markets. We look forward to working closely with our customers on helping them to identify and respond to risks and threats targeting them in the external environment.”