By The Integrity360 Team on September 21, 2023

Introducing CyberConnect360

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The demand for cyber security professionals far outweighs supply with the latest data highlighting that there’s currently 3.5 million unfilled cyber security jobs around the world.  

Where cyber threats pose a significant risk to businesses, this shortfall leads to serious vulnerabilities. Businesses are wrestling with these threats, but the lack of specialised professionals is hindering their growth and potential to innovate. This has prompted many organisations to seek alternative solutions to bridge the skills gap, leading to the rise of contractual cyber professionals. 

In this dynamic and challenging scenario, Integrity360 presents CyberConnect360, an innovative resource augmentation service designed to equip businesses with the specialised cyber security professionals they need. 

What are the causes of the Cyber security skills gap? 

The cyber security skills shortage has several negative impacts on organisations and society. First, it increases the risk of cyberattacks and breaches, which can result in financial losses, reputational damage, legal liabilities and operational disruptions. Second, it hinders the innovation and growth of businesses that rely on digital technologies and services. Third, it limits the ability of governments and public institutions to provide essential services and protect national security and critical infrastructure. Fourth, it reduces the diversity and inclusion of the cyber security workforce, which affects the quality and effectiveness of cyber security solutions. 

  • The rapid evolution and complexity of cyber threats and technologies, which require constant learning and adaptation of cyber security professionals. 
  • The lack of standardised and widely recognised cyber security education and training programs, which create barriers to entry and career advancement for potential and existing cyber security workers. 
  • The mismatch between the supply and demand of cyber security skills, which creates gaps in specific domains, regions and sectors. 
  • The high turnover and burnout of cyber security professionals, which result from the high-pressure and demanding nature of the work environment. 
  • The low awareness and attractiveness of cyber security careers among students, educators, parents and employers, which affect the recruitment and retention of diverse and talented cyber security workers. 

Understanding CyberConnect360 

Our new CyberConnect360 service is designed to alleviate the cyber skills strain on businesses by providing a wide array of specialised roles customised to the specific cyber security and IT requirements of an organisation. The service covers a broad range of roles from SOC Engineers, Network Architects, and Data Analysts to Project Managers, offering expert support to businesses in strengthening their cyber defences and optimising IT operations. 

But the service isn't merely a means of filling vacancies; CyberConnect360 represents a commitment to enhancing an organisation's resilience and supporting its growth amid a complex digital threat landscape. In essence, CyberConnect360 is an ecosystem of professionals who are not just experts in their fields, but also agents of organisational resilience and growth. 

Contractual Cyber Professionals 

The power of CyberConnect360 lies in its capacity to deliver highly specialised, contractual cyber professionals to organisations. These professionals bring sought-after skills and experience to a business, providing immediate value without the need for extensive onboarding or training. The ability to 'plug and play' these experts into a business’s current operations is invaluable in tackling the skills shortage and addressing security concerns swiftly. 

A significant benefit of contractual cyber professionals is their exposure to a variety of industry sectors and cyber threats. They bring with them a wealth of experience and diverse perspectives on cyber security, which can greatly enhance an organisation's cyber defences. They also have the potential to uplift a business's cyber security culture by sharing knowledge and promoting best practices. 

The nature of contracting also offers businesses flexibility to respond to their changing needs. As an organisation's security landscape evolves, it can adjust its team of cyber professionals, accordingly, maintaining a robust security posture without the long-term commitments associated with permanent roles. 

Empowering Business Resilience with CyberConnect360 

Integrating these skilled professionals into a business's existing team is seamless with CyberConnect360. The service not only provides the right experts to counter the skills shortage but also guarantees their smooth integration into your team. They will align with your company culture and proactively contribute to driving your business forward. 

CyberConnect360 empowers businesses to combat the cyber security skills gap and build a resilient digital future. The service enables organisations to equip their IT operations with the specialist skills necessary to counter the skills shortage and safeguard the business against an ever-evolving cyber threat landscape. 

By harnessing the expertise of contractual cyber professionals through CyberConnect360, businesses are not just closing the cyber security skills gap but are also paving the way for a more secure, innovative, and resilient future. 

Close the Skills gap 

With every passing year the cyber security skills gap remains a pressing issue but the rise of contractual cyber professionals is changing the game, providing a solution that helps businesses keep pace with the fast-evolving cyber threat landscape. 

Through CyberConnect360, Integrity360 is enabling businesses to embrace the future of cyber security. By harnessing the power of contractual cyber professionals, businesses can not only bolster their cyber defences but also drive growth and innovation. CyberConnect360 exemplifies the transformative potential of contractual cyber professionals, marking the path forward in the world of cyber security. 

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