By Sarah Cullen, HR Manager on April 17, 2018

ITB Cyber Security Students visit Integrity360

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On the 12th April 2018, Integrity360 was delighted to host the 4th year Cyber Security Students from the Institute of Technology, Blanchardstown for an office Tour, a talk from our CEO and also some valuable information from our Security Experts on Defensive Security mechanisms and roles in the Business.

The 4th year students represent those who form the future of IT Security for our country and giving them some valuable information about different careers available to them, what to look for in an employer and the importance of Culture was something we felt was imperative. Integrity360 partners with ITB with the Zero Days competitions and has a number of ITB Alumni across a multiple of Security and Business roles and are proud of the relationship we have developed. ITB are doing great things in not only the IT Security Space, which is a credit to Mark Lane and Mark Cummins in the college, but also across the business disciplines producing an extremely high calibre of business analyst and graduates.

Following a tour of the office and some beers, the team were spoken to by Calum MacKenzie – Cyber Threat Intelligence Team Lead and also Eric Barnes, Senior Security Analyst on the trends that are appearing in defensive security and why it is so important to be aware as to the vast amount of different career paths open to the teams. From Security Analyst Roles, Cyber, Risk and Assurance Roles, Cyber Testing Roles and more – the teams were keen to understand the Service Delivery management elements we offer as well as our Project Management Teams.

Educating the talent today on what is on offer to them in this extremely fast-growing industry is important to Integrity360. We wanted the 4th years to understand their options, to want to work for a Company that aligned with their own personality and to get curious! We are looking forward to attending the ITB CTF and this is our fourth year partnering with ITB and we believe this is to be the best one yet!

We have been involved with the ITB CTF since 2014. We partner and support the event primarily because of the huge benefits the event brings to our Industry. From the educational and development perspective the CTF challenges bring together students and industry professionals challenging them to grow, learn and develop in a safe environment with opportunities to collaborate and network with highly skilled individuals. The event gives our own employees and industry professionals an opportunity to train their mental resilience and capability to deal with situations that otherwise only come up in “doomsday scenarios”.

The unfortunate reality of our Industry and the environments our professionals work within, when these breaches and attacks occur, professionals and graduates are often ill-prepared even with a solid response plan. This event enables our employees, industry professionals and students to walk in to any catastrophe with a calm and quiet resolve. With the lack of IT Security skills in Ireland and worldwide, we are proud to partner with ITB to ensure the delivery of this fantastic event with a hopeful disposition for the future of our Industry, the talent of today and awareness of the massive business and industrywide benefits that events like these offers. We are looking forward to meeting top talent and hopefully walking away with some CV’s to review.

Undoubtedly, incident response is an area that is influential towards both the outcome and cost of a breach. Everyone acknowledges that. However, most methods of running “drills” or “simulations” fall short in terms of providing a complete hands-on experience that is true-to-life. That’s where CTF games are especially useful and on behalf of Integrity360, it is hugely important for us that we are facilitating learning and development of up and coming talent but also that we are actively making a difference and ensuring that Ireland becomes known for our IT Security awareness, our talent and our capability.

With our partnership with ITB every year, we get a first-hand experience of the amazing IT Security talent that is coming up through the education system. In addition to instilling teamwork amongst the competitors which is a core requirement of an Incident Response Team, this event enables professionals to work under pressure and time constraints, enhance their tolerance for pressurised situations but also allows them to have fun whilst doing it. There is no doubt, when this happens in real life it is a tense situation. If we can help prepare industry professionals and students for real life scenarios through our sponsorship and partnership, then I believe we are doing some of our part as a Corporate Citizen.

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