By Ciara Murray on October 15, 2015

Life as a Graduate in Integrity360 (Part 2/7)

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Name: Ciara Murray 

Position: Business Analyst

Ciara describes life as a graduate in Integrity360 from her experience

"I joined Integrity360 fresh out of college after completing my masters in e-Commerce. I had always wanted a career in a business /IT environment, however I never expected it to be in IT security. I guess from my understanding of the industry, which was limited at the time, I expected that it would be a challenge, but at the same time exciting. My biggest fear walking into Integrity360 was that I wouldn’t be given projects or any responsibilities, as I feel sometimes that can be the biggest let down for a graduate after working so hard, that you aren’t given the appropriate work load. 

On my first day I was assigned a buddy and this person shows you the ropes and answers all your queries about the company. Integrity360 are firm believers that there is no such thing as a stupid question. Within the first two weeks I was told that I would be helping to roll out Integrity’s new IT business communication system. When I heard this I was delighted, butterflies in my stomach, but delighted that I was going to be able to put my stamp on something. Integrity360 is a fun and outgoing company that communicates across all levels whether that’s through our general chat, if we are trying to organise a fun night out, or if you are working between different departments and need any information. 

The first 3 months of my intern experience was a massive learning curve and it was something that I don’t think anyone could learn in college. What I like most about the company is the amount of opportunities that it gives its employees to grow. As a previous Intern, the one piece of advice I’d give to all graduates is; go somewhere that is going to allow you to grow and develop your skill set."