By Integrity360 on September 06, 2022

Why Modern Organisations Can’t Afford to Overlook Digital Risk

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Modern enterprises don’t exist in a closed on-site ecosystem. Today’s organisations depend on an entire digital ecosystem of tools, provided by third party providers and cloud platforms, that ensure users can access the data they need to do their jobs no matter where they’re located. 

While this ecosystem is convenient for employees, the extensive attack surface makes it a defensive nightmare for security teams, who need to protect a high volume of internet-facing external assets. 

Failure to do so, can lead to serious vulnerabilities. For instance, research shows that more than 25% of organisations have Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) exposed to the internet, which increases the risk of attacks.

The problems that most organisations have is an over reliance on a small number of security analysts with a shortage of specialist skills. This makes it difficult to identify and defend against risks in the environment. The only way forward is for organisations to rethink how they manage digital risk. 

The Reason Why Managed Digital Risk Protection is Fundamental to Your IT Security 

One of the biggest trends we’ve seen in the cloud era, is that threat actors are spending less time targeting endpoints and on-premises resources, and more time exploiting information that’s already exposed online.

Managed Digital risk protection provides an answer to these challenges by providing security teams with high-quality threat data and intelligence they can use to increase visibility over their external exposure. They can then use this information to mitigate risks to their environment. 

Closing the visibility gap is now a top priority, particularly when considering that even though 90% of risk leaders seek to address digital risk, only 30% of organisations are mature enough to actively mitigate those risks. 

A Managed Digital Risk Protection service provides organisations with direct support from a team of best-in-class security professionals and threat intelligence experts, who can augment the capabilities of existing in-house teams and help to identify and prioritise the remediation of external threats.

Services offered as part of a complete solution include: 

  • 24x7 threat monitoring and profile updates 
  • Threat analysis and response alerting 
  • Regular threat advisories 
  • Change management support 
  • Tailored threat intelligence 
  • Credential exposure monitoring 
  • Data Leak Detection (DLD)
  • Attack Surface Reduction (ASR) 

How Digital Risk Protection Works 

When deploying a Managed Digital Risk Protection solution, there are some simple steps your organisation needs to undergo before securing your environment. The first step toward implementing digital risk protection is identifying key internet-facing assets that the external team is going to monitor. 

These assets can include domains, brands, company names, IP ranges, document markings, DLP identifiers, social media pages, handles, hashtags, mobile apps, and bins. 

After creating an inventory of assets your provider will then begin monitoring the open web, deep web, and dark web 24/7 to detect any digital exposure of critical assets, and identify the overall level of risk to your organisation. 

For example, if someone leaks an employee’s email address and password, your provider will be able to flag it up as a significant risk.

In the event your provider does find any public exposures, they can take action on your behalf, either by adding them to a searchlight portal, implementing takedown options to mitigate the risk, following playbooks, providing context on the threat, or taking enforcement actions. 

What are the Advantages of Managed Digital Risk Protection

The main advantage of enlisting the help of a Managed Digital Risk Protection Service is that it enables your security team to monitor external-facing threats 24x7. 

An external team of security experts can help your team to streamline tasks like alert triaging, investigation and incident response, as well as providing recommendations on how to remediate risks and vulnerabilities throughout your environment. 

At the same time, the expertise provided by a managed service provider and access to an extensive threat intelligence library will provide you with a faster time to detect and respond to external threats. This means you can resolve security incidents faster, with less operational impact. 

What’s your answer to cyber risk? 

If your organisation uses any internet-facing services, then you need to have a plan in place to mitigate any vulnerabilities in these publicly available assets. Failure to identify exposed online assets could lead to a serious data breach. 

By deploying a Managed Digital Risk Protection Service you can rest assured that your organisation stays protected from digital risk, and avoid providing potential entry points to your environment. 

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Integrity 360’s Approach to Managed Threat Intelligence 

Integrity 360’s Managed Digital Risk Protection Service is maintained by a group of cyber security experts with over 15 years of experience in the cyber security industry. They have a wealth of experience in hunting for the most common risks, threats and vulnerabilities that are exploited by threat actors. 

Working with an external team can help to make sure that you're implementing security best-practices in protecting your environment, and mitigating vulnerabilities at the necessary pace to prevent cyber criminals from gaining access to sensitive information. 

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