By Sean Rooney on January 30, 2020

Security in an Exponential World

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Under Pressure. The words aren’t only the catchy lyrics to an all-time tune. We’re all feeling a little bit under pressure nowadays.

Everything was so much simpler 20 years ago. When I started, we had firewalls, antivirus and perimeter security, and that was about it.

Now? We don’t really even have a perimeter anymore. Everything’s connected and there’s a constant, never-ending barrage of physical and digital threats.

In short, everything about cyber security is growing exponentially. There’s pressure from regulations, from the business, from the malware that cybercriminals seem to spin up quicker than a fast food order. Security strategies and digital infrastructures are growing while the weight of these projects increases.

Under Pressure.

It’s all leading to a lot of stress and a very dim light at the end of the tunnel (if you can even see it). From level one security analysts to CISOs, the constant pressure strains our health and contributes to burnout.

The pressures aren’t stopping anytime soon – they’ll always be there. So, how do we manage that burnout and the sense of overwhelming that people are feeling?

Apart from recognising the signs, we can start with people, process and technology:

People: Take the time to look after yourself via meditation and mindfulness. Better planning regarding resources and using soft skills to deescalate and navigate tricky situations can be massively beneficial.

Process: Get back to basics by making sure that frameworks are in place with an effective, strong plan and strategy to ensure everything your team is doing is worth it. One of the biggest pressures is the board of directors not understanding what’s happening – find a way to solve that.

Technology: Yes, we need new technologies in place but what’s the actual risk we’re looking at? We’re always looking for new toys but what we should do is stop following brands blindly and instead investing in tools that mitigate specific, known risks and use automation and orchestration to make things simpler.

Sounds easy, right?

We can’t stop the threats and the pressure from growing but we can better position ourselves to be able to withstand it – to, as much as it’s nearly impossible to do, start to expect the unexpected.


This topic is taken from Sean Rooney's talk, 'Security in an Exponential World' as part of the Security First conference hosted by Integrity360.