By Felipe Martins on February 01, 2016

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Name: Felipe Martins 

Role: Security Analyst, Professional Pentester 

Where are you from? 

I was born in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro to be more specific, but my grandfather and grand-grand parents on my father’s side are European (Portugal and Spanish) so I got Europe it in my blood.

How long have you been in Ireland? 

I’m in Ireland for 9 months now, can’t believe in 3 months it will be an year. Why did you move here? It’s been a dream for a long time, to live and work abroad, specially in Europe. Also chances in Europe for Carreer, professional and knowledge growth are much better. I have great ambitions and other dreams to follow which would never be possible in Brazil. What work do you do? I’m a Security Analyst in Infosec Team, performing Professional Penetration Tests mainly in Wired/Wireless Networks, Web and Mobile applications. Also as Security Analysts we deal with a lot of other engagements such as Audits, Technical Reviews, Analysis and Security Infrastructure consultancy on all spheres of our skill set.

What do you like most about your job?

Having engagements that can fully use the total extent of my knowledge and taks that demand out of the box thinking and give me the chance to do something new while being highly technical. Learning is a key word for me, so every new engagement, team meeting and meetups gives me the chance to learn new things by by studying something new and exciting or sharing our experience. 

How would you describe your working environment/the culture at Integrity360?

Integrity360 has a very innovative culture, it always encourges us to be creative and think outside the box. Working in security, specially in Penetration test field, you have to be creative and inventive. Integrity360 always keeps us motivated by new engagements, out of working hours activities, among others, giving us chance to get together and really know all the personel, that puts us closer and promote team work. 

What’s your favourite thing about working at Integrity360? 

Learning, Learning, Learning!!! We are always engaged in new projects that pushes us to do our best and learning something new. Integrity360 listens to employees, everybody is free to give their opnions and suggestions on nearly any kind of subject to get us better and better. Also I simply LOVE the multi cultural environment, which gives me chance to know people all around the world, having new experiences, get to know different cultures, and specially seeing things from a different perspective. 

Was it difficult to adjust to living and working in Ireland?

Ireland has a way to do things totally different from Brazil, but I had nearly no problems, besides the wether. Ohh the weather, definitely was the most difficult. Weather forecast here is totally crazy, changing every 15 minutes. I was expecting the cold (which I love by the way) and the rain but NOT the wind. In Brazil we have rain coming from one place, UP. In Ireland rain comes from every direction, UP, LEFT, RIGHT and sometimes it appears to be coming from the ground UP. 

How does your working life help to make you feel at home here?

Home Office, when possible, is really a great thing for me. It’s the perfect match between good professionals with discipline to really work at home and give their best, as well as the confort and convenience to stay close to famliy while you are working on what you love. Integrity360 is GREAT on promoting parties, and out of working hours activities which really help people get together and share their experiences, just like family. 

What’s the one thing you have learned from your time living in Ireland?

No one is master enough that can’t learn something new or newbie enough that can’t teach something to others. I learned that living in Ireland I have all the tools, environment and time to acomplish my ambitions and dreams. 

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned from working at Integrity360?

Merit. People are judged by their level of expertise, knowledge and the quality of work delivered, not by the time they work in the company or who they know inside. This gives me the full motivation to keep on learning and growing in experience.