Integrity360 has today released the following advisory in relation to a recent upsurge in DDoS attacks. We’d like to encourage our clients to review this advisory and action as required. 

Integrity360 has witnessed a sudden and sustained increase in DDoS attacks over the last 4 days, primarily in industries such as government, telecoms, media and ecommerce.

While sensitive data is rarely accessed during volumetric DDoS attacks, often these attacks are a precursor to a more surgical and targeted attack aimed at the exfiltration of data.

Integrity360 specialises in preventative DDoS mitigation and provides advice to companies currently experiencing an attack or who are worried about an attack. We offer solutions to mitigate against volumetric, application and SSL based DDoS attacks.

Our incident response team can provide advice to any clients who have either been affected by or are worried about a DDoS attack on their network.

Please speak to us if you would like more information about protecting yourself against DDoS attacks. 


T: +353 1 293 4027

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