With Microsoft Windows having a 74% share of the desktop OS market worldwide, it's a pivotal platform within most organisations' IT environments. Furthermore, considering that four out of every five Fortune 500 companies harness the power of Microsoft Office 365—nearly half of the office productivity software market—it’s clear why securing the Microsoft ecosystem is so crucial. 

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Microsoft's Market Presence and cyber security Implications 

Microsoft's prevalence doesn't end at desktop operating systems and productivity software. The embrace of cloud computing has seen 70% of organisations worldwide adopting Microsoft Azure for cloud services.  

Microsoft's heavy investment in security solutions has resulted in a complex suite of tools that can be challenging to navigate. With various Business and Enterprise packages available, cyber security leaders often find themselves weighing the benefits of Microsoft's security stack against traditional 3rd party vendors. Identifying the right tools is paramount, as is maximizing the security of the Microsoft ecosystem and deriving the greatest value from Microsoft licensing investments. This extensive usage also presents a vast attack surface for potential cyber threats if not configured or managed properly. 

With myriad business and enterprise packages at their disposal, cyber security leaders face the dilemma of what to utilise from the Microsoft security stack, and what might be better served by traditional 3rd party vendors. Navigating this landscape requires a nuanced understanding of both the threats present and the tools available. 

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The Role of Integrity360 

Our mission at Integrity360 is to support organisations in these challenges by offering services that maximise the security of the Microsoft ecosystem and the security value from Microsoft licensing investments. We also aim to alleviate the pressures on security teams by managing and optimising the Microsoft security ecosystem on their behalf. 

Maximising Microsoft Ecosystem Security 

Security Assessments and Tailored Strategies: We begin by conducting thorough security assessments to understand the unique needs of each client's Microsoft ecosystem. 

Design and Implementation: Next, we design and implement robust security protocols, leveraging both Microsoft's tools and other strategic technologies. 

Comprehensive Managed Security Services 

Managed Microsoft EDR 

A full-service endpoint security service harnessing the power of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, this service covers everything from foundational endpoint protection with Next-Gen Antivirus (NGAV), Attack Surface Reduction, and Vulnerability Management, to advanced EDR capabilities, including threat detection, investigation, and response. 

Managed Sentinel Threat Detection 

Leveraging Microsoft Sentinel, our SIEM-based threat detection service focuses on configuring and managing the Sentinel SIEM to ingest security telemetry across Microsoft 365 and Azure, enhancing it with Integrity360 Advanced Threat content, while also incorporating third-party log sources for full organisational visibility 

Managed Microsoft XDR 

Our Detection and Response Service taps into the comprehensive Microsoft XDR – Microsoft Defender XDR and Defender for Cloud Workload Protection alerting. It extends beyond to include Azure AD Identity Protection (now Entra ID Protection) for detecting anomalies within Entra ID (formerly Azure AD) . 

Managed Microsoft XDR with Sentinel 

Building on the Managed Microsoft XDR service, this offering integrates Sentinel SIEM management, including all the capabilities of Managed Microsoft XDR, supplemented with third-party log source integration and response actions across endpoints and identities. 


Integrity360’s managed services are designed to scale as broadly or as deeply as an organisation’s needs dictate. Our objective is clear: to furnish companies with the capacity to use Microsoft's comprehensive security tools effectively and efficiently, ensuring they are fortified against cyber threats. 

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