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The Reality of Ransomware: What you need to know in 2024

In 2024, the landscape of ransomware attacks will continue to evolve, drawing from past trends while adapting to new defences and technologies. 

How should organisations respond to a data breach?

In this blog we look at how an organisation should respond to a data breach.

Your guide to 2024: Trends and Predictions

Stay ahead of the latest cyber security industry developments, advancements and threats, and understand how you can best protect your organisation.

Choosing your cyber security framework

Learn about seven of the most popular cyber security frameworks being used by businesses around the world.

Why Cyber Security is essential for Energy and Utilities

It is essential to protect critical infrastructure systems from potential disruptions that can .

Cyber Security Hygiene: Practices to reduce threats before they strike

Proactive measures are crucial to safeguard sensitive data and maintain business continuity. Th.

Integrity360 invests €8M in new Security Operations Centre in Dublin and creates 200 jobs

Integrity360 has invested €8 million in its new Security Operations Centre (SOC) in Dublin.

Advantio joins Integrity360

Advantio acquired by Integrity360 to expand European footprint and provide complementary cyber services capability.
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Matthew Olney


The Social Engineering threats you need to be looking out for

As cyber security threats continue to evolve, CISOs and IT professionals must stay ahead of increasingly sophisticated social engineering tactics. In this blog we take a look at some of the top social engineering threats to watch out for in 2024, with a focus on advanced AI-driven methods and traditional approaches that exploit human vulnerabilities.

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ciso in cyber security

CISO vs Board: The Eternal Struggle?

One of the toughest (if not the biggest) challenges faced by the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is convincing the Board to invest in continuous cyber security measures. This ongoing battle is crucial for maintaining the security and integrity of the organisation, yet it often faces significant obstacles, primarily due to budget constraints and a lack of understanding at the executive level.

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What is Threat Modelling in Cyber Security?

What is Threat Modelling in Cyber Security?

Threat modelling is crucial for cyber security as it’s a pivotal practice for identifying, understanding, and mitigating potential threats to systems, applications, and networks. By proactively addressing security risks, organisations can bolster their defences, protect sensitive data, and ensure operational integrity. In this blog we look into what threat modelling entails, its importance, and some of the methodologies used.

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Cyber Security Mesh Architecture

What is Cyber Security Mesh Architecture?

Cyber Security Mesh Architecture (CSMA) represents a significant shift in the way organisations manage and implement cyber security. This blog looks into what CSMA is, itsvalue fororganisations and can it really benefityou? 

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World Password Day 2024

World Password Day 2024: Is yours on the naughty list?

This Thursday is World Password Day, a day where we reflect on the current state of our online security habits, particularly how we choose and manage our passwords. While we frequently discuss sophisticated cybersecurity measures such as Managed Detection and Response or Digital Risk Protection—both crucial in their own right—we mustn’t forget the basics like how to create a strong password.

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Insider Risk Management

Proactive Insider Risk Management: A key defence against Social Engineering attacks

One of the most effective strategies for combating social engineering attacks involves proactive insider risk management. Integrity360's new NextDLP Managed Service incorporates a sophisticated suite of capabilities designed to detect, analyse, and mitigate insider threats, which are often the linchpin of successful social engineering schemes. In this blog we look into how each component of this strategy strengthens an organisation's defences against these attacks. 

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data protection and your business

5 reasons why protecting your data is crucial for your business

Data protection is not just a technical necessity but a strategic imperative for businesses of all sizes. For Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and their teams, understanding and communicating the importance of data security is essential. Here are five compelling reasons why robust data protection practices are indispensable for modern businesses. 

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cybersecurity and law firms

Cyber security for Law Firms: Reputation is everything

It’s a fact that Law firms are a prime target for cybercriminals. The legal sector's reliance on trust and confidentiality means that a data breach not only compromises client information but also the firm's integrity and, consequently, its future. For law firms, reputation is everything.

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cyber security in finance sector

Busting Cyber Myths in the Financial Sector

Financial service organisations are prime targets for cybercriminals, given their handling of sensitive personal data and large sums of money. Unfortunately, several cyber security myths within the financial services sector impede effective defence strategies. Below, we debunk these common myths and offer insights into building a resilient cyber security posture.

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cyber security in the legal sector

Why is cyber security so important to the legal sector?

Cyber security in the legal sector is not optional; it's a necessity. The legal sector handles a treasure trove of sensitive information, from personal client details to confidential case files. This makes legal firms a lucrative target for cybercriminals.

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