Harnessing the Full Potential of Microsoft E5 with Integrity360 

Microsoft's 365 E5 license is a powerhouse for enterprise-level solutions, offering a suite of tools that cater to productivity, communications, collaboration, security, compliance, and more. Partnering with Integrity360, you can significantly amplify the security benefits you reap from your Microsoft 365 E5 license. Here’s how you can maximise your investment with Integrity360. 

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What is Microsoft 365 E5 Licensing? 

Microsoft 365 E5 Licensing is a cloud-based subscription model that simplifies access to essential Microsoft products. This approach is especially beneficial for businesses, offering a more straightforward licensing model compared to managing multiple agreements with varying renewal dates. As the premium option, E5 licensing enables users to access Microsoft products and services from anywhere, on any device. 

This is an ideal solution for businesses requiring their employees to have access to all the software they use daily. E5 licensing offers distinct advantages over the Microsoft 365 E3 licenses, such as more advanced security features and comprehensive compliance tools, making it an attractive choice for businesses prioritising security and efficiency. 

Some examples of the additional security benefits of E5 are  

  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Plan 2 which brings the benefits of EDR capability 
  • Endpoint DLP and DLP for Teams Chat 
  • More extensive Azure Information Protection  
  • Entra ID Plan 2 for enhanced Identity and Access Management 
  • Defender for Identity 
  • Defender for Office 365 Plan 2 including advanced phishing simulation and training 
  • Data Lifecycle Management 
  • Premium eDiscovery functionality 
  • Insider Risk Management 


Customised Security Solutions: 

Microsoft 365 E5 includes advanced security features, but implementing these effectively can be complex. Integrity360 tailors these security solutions to your specific business requirements. From threat protection to identity and access management, their expertise ensures that you utilise E5’s security capabilities fully, safeguarding your business against evolving cyber threats. 

Optimised Compliance Management: 

The compliance landscape can be intricate and challenging to navigate. Integrity360 utilises Microsoft 365 E5’s compliance solutions to help you effortlessly meet regulatory requirements. They assist in setting up compliance managers and data governance policies, ensuring you stay ahead in compliance matters. 

Strategic IT Consulting: 

Integrity360 offers more than just solution implementation; they strategise with you. Their consultancy services align Microsoft 365 E5’s capabilities with your business objectives, ensuring that your IT infrastructure is not only robust but also contributes to your business growth and agility. 

 Continuous Support and Maintenance: 

With ever-evolving technology, ongoing support is essential. Integrity360 provides continuous support for your Microsoft E5 licence security feature set, ensuring that your secure posture is always optimised. This proactive approach reduces downtime and keeps your business operations smooth. 

 Customised Training Programmes: 

To fully harness the power of Microsoft E5, your team needs to understand and use its full range of features. Integrity360 offers customised training programmes, ensuring that your staff is equipped to make the most of the E5 security and compliance suite, thereby boosting overall productivity and efficiency. 

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Microsoft E5 licence provides a comprehensive toolkit for modern businesses. However, to extract its maximum potential, partnering with an experienced security services provider such as Integrity360 is invaluable. Our expertise in security, compliance, and IT security strategy ensures that your investment in Microsoft E5 is not just a cost but a significant contributor to your business success. With Integrity360, unlock the full potential of your Microsoft E5 licence and propel your business towards greater security and growth. 

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