By Matthew Olney on April 15, 2024

Proactive Insider Risk Management: A key defence against Social Engineering attacks

One of the most effective strategies for combating social engineering attacks involves proactive insider risk management. Integrity360's new NextDLP Managed Service incorporates a sophisticated suite of capabilities designed to detect, analyse, and mitigate insider threats, which are often the linchpin of successful social engineering schemes. In this blog we look into how each component of this strategy strengthens an organisation's defences against these attacks. 

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Behaviour analysis 

The first line of defence against social engineering attacks is the detection of risky user behaviour. Integrity360's NextDLP Managed Service employs sophisticated monitoring tools that scrutinise user activities. This allows for the early detection of actions that may indicate a susceptibility to or the aftermath of a social engineering attack, such as unusual data access patterns or attempts to bypass security protocols. By identifying these behaviours early, organisations can swiftly intervene to prevent potential breaches. 

Individual profiling 

Utilising User and Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA), Integrity360's service goes a step further by building a detailed profile for each user. This profiling helps in understanding normal behaviour patterns for individuals and identifying deviations that could signify security threats, including those posed by social engineering tactics. By understanding each user's typical behaviour, the system can more accurately flag activities that are out of the ordinary, uncovering threats that cannot be detected by policy-based security solutions. 


Investigative platform 

Upon detection of a potential insider threat, Integrity360's NextDLP Managed Service provides an investigative platform that analysts can use to perform in-depth investigation across all endpoints. This enables a thorough examination of the context and specifics of suspicious activities, ensuring that responses are well-informed and effective. Whether it's tracing the source of a phishing attack or understanding the extent of a data leak, this platform ensures that analysts have the necessary resources at their disposal. 

Point-of-risk training 

A unique and particularly effective feature of Integrity360's approach is the delivery of targeted user training at the point of risk. When risky behaviour is detected, the system can prompt immediate, context-specific training or reminders about secure practices. This not only helps to reinforce the organisation's security policies but also educates users on the spot, potentially stopping a security breach in its tracks. This immediate feedback loop is invaluable for cultivating a culture of security awareness and vigilance among all users. 

Comprehensive audit trails 

Finally, maintaining detailed records of data and user activities is crucial for compliance and investigative purposes. Integrity360's NextDLP Managed Service ensures that organisations have access to comprehensive audit trails, documenting every action taken by users. This not only aids in the investigation and remediation of security incidents but also ensures that organisations can demonstrate compliance with relevant data protection regulations, a critical concern in today's regulatory environment. 


Integrity360's NextDLP Managed Service offers a robust solution for organisations aiming to protect themselves from these increasingly sophisticated threats. This proactive approach not only addresses the immediate risks but also strengthens the overall security posture of the organisation, making it more resilient against future attacks. For more information get in touch. 

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