By Matthew Olney on March 29, 2023

Revisiting the Highlights: Security First London 2023 Unwrapped

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On March 22nd, London was home to an exciting event in the cyber security world - Integrity360's Security First Conference. Held at IET London: Savoy Place, the event brought together industry leaders, experts, and attendees for an engaging and informative day of talks, panel discussions, and demo labs. The conference featured a diverse range of topics, from visibility in an always-on world to demystifying cloud security, and offered valuable insights into the ever-evolving cyber security landscape.


A big thank you to our sponsors

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of the event sponsors who contributed to the immense success of Security First London 2023. Their support and collaboration were instrumental in making this conference an enriching experience for everyone involved. A special thank you to Varonis, Check Point, Darktrace, XM Cyber, Skyhigh, Qualys, Rapid7, Mimecast, Trellix, Gytpol, Cynet, Splunk, and Armis. We look forward to future collaborations in our shared mission to make the digital world a safer place.

Now on to the highlights!

A Talk on Gaining Visibility in an Always-On World

The conference kicked off with a captivating talk by Integrity360 CTO Richard Ford on the importance of visibility in controlling your environment. With the rapid expansion of digital technologies, it has become increasingly difficult to monitor and manage all aspects of an organisation's network. Richard emphasized that by gaining complete visibility into your environment, you can identify vulnerabilities and take appropriate action to prevent data breaches and cyber-attacks.

Following the theme of visibility, the talk focused on strategies for maintaining it in our connected world. Richard highlighted the challenges posed by the increasing reliance on cloud-based services and offered practical advice for maintaining visibility across diverse and distributed environments, including implementing continuous monitoring, automated threat detection, and strong access controls.


Demystifying Cloud Security

The conference then shifted gears to tackle the subject of cloud security. Our own Director of Product Management Brian Martin addressed common misconceptions and concerns about the security of data stored in the cloud, clarifying the responsibilities of cloud service providers and their clients. By emphasising the importance of a shared responsibility model, the speaker provided valuable insights into the key aspects of ensuring data security in the cloud. We also learned that AI art programs see cloud security practitioners as very stressed!


Securing Your Organisation

Another key focus of the conference was on threat monitoring and detection techniques to protect organisations. In this panel discussion experts from Rapid7, Darktrace, XM Cyber and Integrity360 shared actionable tips on creating a proactive cyber security strategy, including regular security audits, patch management, and employee training. The discussion also highlighted the need for robust incident response plans to mitigate the impact of a breach when it occurs.


A Talk on Stop Business Email Compromise

One of the most engaging talks of the conference dealt with protecting businesses from email-based threats. Check Point’s Matt Griffiths, SE Manager UK & Ireland, delved into the various tactics used by cyber criminals, including phishing, spear phishing, and whaling. Matt offered practical advice on how to recognise these threats and provided recommendations for implementing multi-factor authentication, secure email gateways, and employee training to minimize the risk of the ever increasing threats from email compromise.


Panel Discussion on The Ransomware Epidemic

Next up we had a panel discussion on the ransomware epidemic, which included experts from Integrity360’s Incident response team, Skyhigh, XM Cyber and special guest Richard Breaington from insurance group RPC. The panelists offered valuable insights into the latest ransomware trend, shared best practices for preventing and responding to ransomware attacks and . The discussion emphasized the importance of collaboration and threat intelligence sharing between organisations to stay ahead of cybercriminals.


A Keynote Talk by Geoff White: Inside the World of Organised Cybercrime

The highlight of the conference was the keynote talk by renowned investigative journalist Geoff White. He took the audience on a journey inside the world of organised cybercrime, North Korean hackers and the crazy world of ransomware gangs, revealing the tactics, techniques, and motivations of cybercriminals. His talk served as a powerful reminder of the importance of staying vigilant and proactive in the fight against cyber threats.


Demo Labs

Throughout the conference, attendees had the opportunity to explore innovative technologies and solutions at demo labs hosted by leading cyber security vendors. These interactive sessions provided hands-on experience with cutting-edge tools and platforms, empowering attendees to make informed decisions on the best solutions for their organisations.


If you missed out

If you weren’t able to attend Security First London then don’t worry as we take the conference across the Irish Sea to Dublin on April 27th.

If you’d like to attend please register using the link below




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