By Matthew Olney on February 22, 2024

How To Secure Your Cloud: Overcoming Architecture, Configuration, and Visibility Challenges

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Organisations are increasingly adopting cloud-native application architectures to stay agile and competitive. However, this shift brings a new set of challenges that can jeopardise security, efficiency, and visibility. Addressing these issues requires a strategic approach to ensure your cloud environment is both secure and optimised.  

Trends-Guide_social-mediaThis blog post looks into some of the common challenges organisations face, including securing native cloud application architectures, preventing cloud misconfigurations, enhancing visibility, and controlling cloud identities. We'll also explore how Integrity360 can help your organisation navigate these complexities effectively. 

Challenge 1: Securing Cloud Native Applications 

The adoption of cloud-native architectures offers numerous benefits, including scalability, resilience, and agility. However, it also introduces security concerns, particularly regarding the selection of appropriate security solutions and acquiring the necessary expertise. Traditional security measures often fall short in addressing the unique demands of modern applications and cloud-native environments. 

Solution: Embrace a holistic security approach that integrates with your cloud-native architecture seamlessly. Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) is an end-to-end cloud security solution that covers cloud security with a holistic approach. CNAPP capabilities typically cover CSPM, CWP, KSPM, CIEM, CDR, CI/CD pipeline security, and more. Explore CNAPP capabilities and alignment to both your immediate cloud security requirements and long-term strategy. 


Challenge 2: Cloud Misconfiguration 

According to data from Checkpoint 25% of Cloud breaches stem from misconfigurations. The dynamic and complex nature of cloud environments can make it challenging to avoid human error and misconfigurations manually, or even spot them at the first place.  It is common in cloud security assessment exercises to find IAM over-permissive roles, insecure API keys, insecure data backup or even unmonitored assets.  

Solution: Our “Cloud Risk Management” service extends beyond traditional boundaries, offering comprehensive management of Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) and Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) platforms.  automatically and continuously check for Cloud and IAM misconfigurations that can lead to data breaches and systems compromise, ensure compliance and enterprise policy enforcement. 

Securing Cloud CTA

Challenge 3: Visibility Gaps 

A common issue organisations face is the lack of visibility into their cloud environments. This includes challenges in achieving unified visibility of assets, understanding the risk landscape, and maintaining control over the cloud estate. 

Solution: Our Cloud Threat Detection and Response (CDR) service integrates with the wider MDR service to identify and mitigate security threats or incidents in cloud environments through monitoring, analysis, and automated or manual response actions. 

Challenge 4: Control Over Cloud Identities 

With the proliferation of cloud services and multi-cloud environments, managing cloud identities and enforcing the principle of least privilege and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) becomes increasingly complex. The risk of over-permissive entitlements can lead to significant security vulnerabilities. 

Solution: In addition to our “Cloud Risk Management” service that covers CIEM, our Secure Service Edge (SSE) service uses Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) – technology that provides secure access to corporate applications from any device and location. Unlike VPNs, ZTNA only grants access to specifically permitted users to specific applications. It provides context-aware granular access controls, that prevents lateral movement and enables micro-segmentation. 

How else can Integrity360 protect your Cloud?  

Multi-Cloud Support 

Our solutions are designed to manage security across multi-cloud environments seamlessly, ensuring a consistent and cohesive security posture. Whether your organisation utilizes AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or a combination thereof, we ensure that your security strategy is uniformly applied across all platforms. 

Support for SOC Integration 

We streamline incident response with support for Security Operations Center (SOC) integration, enabling automated workflows for quick identification, containment, and resolution of security incidents. This ensures that your organisation can respond to threats efficiently and effectively. 

Continuous Compliance Monitoring 

Implementing continuous compliance monitoring, our solutions conduct regular assessments and generate reports to track adherence to security standards and regulatory requirements. This continuous oversight ensures that your organisation remains compliant and secure. 

Custom Dashboard and Reporting 

Gain access to an intuitive dashboard for real-time visibility into the security status of your cloud resources. Accompanied by detailed reports, this tool aids in informed decision-making, allowing stakeholders to understand their security posture at a glance and act accordingly. 

Expert Support and Guidance 

Benefit from a team of security experts who provide proactive guidance, industry insights, and dedicated support. Our experts are committed to ensuring the ongoing effectiveness of your cloud security strategy, helping your organisation navigate the complexities of cloud security with confidence. 

Incorporating these solutions into your cloud security strategy not only addresses the immediate challenges of securing cloud-native architectures, preventing misconfigurations, enhancing visibility, and controlling cloud identities but also positions your organisation for sustainable success in the digital age.

With our comprehensive approach to cloud security management, real-time monitoring, policy enforcement, and expert support, your organisation can achieve a robust, compliant, and efficient cloud environment. 

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