By The Integrity360 Team on January 19, 2023

Guide to Cyber Security 2023: Cyber Security in an Ever-Changing World Available to Download Now!

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Our new guide, Cyber Security in an Ever-Changing World, is here to arm you with the knowledge and strategies you need to protect your business from the ever evolving cyber threat. 


Gaining Visibility is Gaining Control 

The key message of this year’s guide is the importance of visibility over your networks, software and assets. Without visibility, organisations are operating blindly and are at a greater risk of being targeted by cyber criminals.  

2023 should be the year of visibility. It allows organisations to detect and respond to potential threats quickly, before they can cause significant damage, allowing them to track the effectiveness of their security measures and adjust as needed to improve their overall security posture.  

What’s in the Guide? 

Discover 22 shocking statistics on cyber security, learn about future cyber security trends, get an inside look from the frontlines by our incident response team, and a breakdown of the top reported incidents of 2022. 

Our guide is your one-stop-shop for staying informed and proactive in the cyber security landscape. We don't just stop at the present, we also provide a glimpse into the future with our predictions on how cyber criminals will exploit the cost of living crisis in 2023 and 7 things to consider as you prepare for the year ahead. 

Ransomware, Regulations and MDR- Discover more 

Our guide also delves into the ransomware threat in 2023 and provides best practices for protection, as well as notable changes in regulations, frameworks, and guidelines coming in 2023. Plus, we give you 3 compelling reasons to incorporate Managed Detection and Response (MDR) into your risk management strategy in 2023. 

Download the guide today and take control of your cyber security this year. Trust us, your future self will thank you. 


If you want to discuss any of these areas in further detail please contact us to arrange a meeting with some of our expert team. 

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