By Matthew Olney on November 13, 2023

The role of Managed Detection and Response in combating fraud this International Fraud Awareness Week

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This week is International Fraud Awareness Week, a week where organisations are encouraged to raise anti-fraud awareness. To that end we take a look at how Managed Detection and Response services can play a major role in tackling fraud.

Organisations are constantly seeking effective ways to protect their digital assets and sensitive information, and it’s no wonder! In 2023, 97% of companies are targeted by email-based phishing attacks and 98% of cyber-attacks involve some sort of social engineering.


Don’t get Phished

Phishing attacks, which manipulate employees into divulging confidential information, have become a preferred tool for cybercriminals. Unlike traditional malware or ransomware, phishing scams exploit human vulnerabilities, making them harder to detect and prevent with conventional cyber security solutions. Despite the growing popularity of security awareness training among enterprises, the risk remains high. It only takes a momentary lapse of judgment for an employee to click on a malicious link, potentially leading to a significant data breach.

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How MDR tackles the issue

This is where MDR services come into play, offering a more dynamic and proactive approach to cyber security. MDR teams consist of experienced cyber security professionals who specialise in identifying, assessing, and mitigating cyber threats in real-time. Their expertise is particularly effective against phishing scams for several reasons.

MDR services provide continuous monitoring and analysis of an organisation's network traffic and email systems. This vigilant oversight enables the early detection of suspicious activities, including the identification of phishing emails. By using advanced analytics and threat intelligence, MDR teams can spot patterns and indicators of compromise that might go unnoticed by standard security measures.

MDR services are not just about detection; they play a crucial role in response as well. Upon identifying a potential phishing email, the MDR team can quickly quarantine it, preventing it from reaching the intended recipient. This rapid response is vital in minimising the window of opportunity for cybercriminals to succeed in their fraudulent activities. MDR services offer tailored solutions that fit the specific needs of an organisation. They understand that each business has unique vulnerabilities and requires a customized approach to cyber security. This bespoke service ensures that defenses are not only robust but also relevant to the specific threats the organisation faces.

Another significant advantage of MDR services is their ability to decrease the time it takes to identify and respond to a scam. Time is of the essence in cyber security, and the faster a threat is detected and neutralized, the less damage it can cause. MDR teams use cutting-edge technology and their expertise to swiftly identify threats, significantly reducing the risk of a successful phishing attack.


Managed Detection and Response services offer a comprehensive and dynamic approach to combating these threats. By providing continuous monitoring, rapid response, and customised solutions, MDR services are an essential component in the fight against fraud.

Identity and Access Management

Recognising the evolution of Identity and Access Management due to rapid digital transformation and cloud adoption, Integrity360 offers cutting-edge solutions and technology that incorporate modern concepts like Identity Fabric. Our offerings include Managed Detection and Response services and technology like PAM, AM and IGA.

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