By Matthew Olney on July 03, 2023

What is a Cyber Incident response team?

Incident Response

A Cyber Incident Response Team (CIRT) is a dedicated group of highly skilled and qualified IT professionals who are trained to respond to cyber security threats and incidents quickly. These teams are equipped with specific skills to identify, manage, and neutralise cyber threats effectively.

With the ever-growing number of cyber threats, incident response teams are no longer a luxury but a necessity. When the worst happens they are the first line of defence in ensuring minimal disruption is made to business operations and continuity.


The Role of a Cyber Incident Response Team

The responsibilities of a CIRT vary widely, but their main roles involve:

Preparation: This involves setting up systems, tools, and protocols to prevent or respond to potential security incidents. It also includes staff education and awareness training to ensure all employees understand their roles in preventing cyber-attacks.

Detection and Analysis: The IR team uses various tools and techniques to identify potential threats or active attacks. They then analyse these incidents to understand their nature and potential impact.

Containment and Eradication: Once a threat is detected, the team's role is to limit its spread and damage. They then work on eradicating the threat from the system entirely.

Recovery: This stage involves restoring systems and operations to their normal state, ensuring business continuity with minimal disruption.

Lessons Learned and Improvement: After handling an incident, the team reviews the situation, identifying areas for improvement to reduce the likelihood of more incidents.


Why Businesses Should Invest in an Incident Response Team

Here’s a few reasons why every business, irrespective of its size, should have an IR team on call;

Increasing Cyber Threats

Cyber threats are on the rise with Hackers and other threat actors always evolving their attack strategies and methods making it difficult for businesses to keep up. CIRT teams are comprised of highly skilled and qualified professionals who’s main role is keep up with these threats and be able to react and reduce the impacts of an incident when they occur.

Mitigation of Potential Financial Losses

Cyber-attacks can result in substantial financial losses, which can significantly impact small and medium-sized businesses. according to data from Cybersecurity Ventures, the global cost of cybercrime is predicted to hit $8 trillion in 2023, growing to $10.5 trillion by 2025. A dedicated IR team can help mitigate such losses.

Protecting Business Reputation

Trust is fundamental in business. A cyber-attack, especially one that compromises customer data, can significantly damage a business's reputation, leading to loss of customer trust and ultimately revenue. An IR team helps maintain trust by managing and responding effectively to cyber incidents.

Compliance with Regulations

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other similar laws mandate the protection of customer data. Non-compliance can result in hefty penalties. An IR team can ensure your business stays compliant by responding swiftly and adequately to data breaches.

Improving Incident Response Time

According to a study by Ponemon Institute, organisations that identified a breach within 100 days saved more than $1 million compared to those that took more time. Having an IR team in place significantly improves the chances of quicker threat identification and remediation.


Integrity360: The Gold Standard in Incident Response

If you're seeking a professional, skilled, and dedicated Incident Response (IR) team to guard your business against cyber threats, look no further than Integrity360. As one of the leading providers of proactive incident response management, Integrity360 offers a host of benefits that make us a compelling choice for businesses.

Rapid Response

When a cyber breach occurs, time is of the essence. Integrity360 guarantees the availability of an experienced incident response management expert in the event of a compromise or suspected breach. Our proactive and timely response ensures your business can act fast, minimising the potential damage caused by cyber threats.


Boasting a formidable team of CREST-certified Incident Response specialists, Integrity360 stands at the forefront of enhancing your incident response capabilities. Our specialists are equipped to enhance your incident response capabilities and significantly mitigate the risk of attacks and breaches.


The seasoned specialists at Integrity360 come from a wide variety of disciplines, providing a diverse skill set that offers enhanced visibility and clarity in decision-making. This collective expertise, ensures a comprehensive approach to cyber threat management.


With Integrity360, investigations speed up, containing incidents within days and reducing response times. The team's efficiency doesn’t compromise on clearing tasks and objectives, ensuring productivity is maintained throughout your business operations.


Demonstrating compliance and improving policy enforcement can be a demanding task. With Integrity360, you gain access to skilled staff that you can bring on at a moment's notice, easing the strain on internal resources. This seamless integration enables businesses to maintain a strong stance on compliance.


Notably, any unused hours with Integrity360 can be repurposed to improve other areas of your cybersecurity strategy. This unique benefit allows businesses to remain prepared for potential security incidents while ensuring their cybersecurity strategy is consistently improved and reinforced.

Specialised Services

Integrity360 provides clients with access to malware experts who can add a vital decision-making perspective, proprietary tools, and proven methodologies to respond more quickly to cyber threats.

Integrity360 elevates your business's cyber security strategy by offering a robust, comprehensive, and proactive incident response service. By integrating their services, you will equip your business with the tools to effectively manage, neutralise, and learn from cyber threats, ensuring your business remains secure and resilient in an increasingly digital landscape.

Are you in need of an incident response team? Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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