In a world where cyber threats are becoming increasingly complex and devastating, the necessity for robust cyber security measures is indisputable. One method often utilised by cyber security professionals to analyse and strengthen defences is penetration testing, also known as 'pen testing'. One variant that is distinctive due to its unique approach and notable benefits is Double Blind Penetration Testing.

What Exactly is Penetration Testing?

To comprehend Double Blind Penetration Testing, an understanding of penetration testing is needed. In essence, penetration testing, also known as ethical hacking, is a simulated cyber-attack on a computer system, network, or web application, with the aim of identifying vulnerabilities that real attackers might exploit. Consider it a fire drill for cyber security, providing a genuine stress test for an organisation’s digital infrastructure.

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Unpacking Double Blind Penetration Testing

Progressing from traditional penetration tests, is Double Blind Penetration Testing. This process involves a situation where only a select few within the organisation are aware of the testing being conducted. Notably, this excludes the IT or cyber security team. Essentially, the organisation is in the dark, hence the term 'double blind'.

The advantage of double blind pen testing is that it offers the most realistic assessment of the organisation’s readiness against an actual cyber attack. It can highlight gaps not just in technical defences but also in incident response procedures and internal communication processes.

The Procedure of Double Blind Penetration Testing

The procedure of Double Blind Penetration Testing can be largely divided into several phases.

Preparation: The penetration testers coordinate the test specifics with senior management, who maintain the secrecy of the test from the rest of the organisation.

Reconnaissance: The testers accumulate as much information about the target system as possible to understand its vulnerabilities.

Attack: The testers instigate an ethical hacking attack, using various techniques to breach the organisation's defences.

Discovery: They pinpoint vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and any defects in incident response procedures.

Reporting: Finally, they produce a comprehensive report, detailing all findings and recommending improvements to bolster the organisation's cyber security infrastructure.


Risks and Considerations

Despite the considerable benefits, there are also risks and considerations connected with double blind penetration testing. It can be disruptive, and organisations should also consider the potential stress on IT and security staff, who may be dealing with what they perceive as a real attack without forewarning.

Despite these risks, with careful planning and proficient testers, double blind penetration tests can provide substantial value.

The Advantages of Double Blind Penetration Testing

There are numerous benefits of this form of testing.

Realistic Assessment: The primary benefit is that it offers a realistic and thorough view of an organisation's defences, covering both technical measures and the human element.

Proactive Approach: Double blind testing enables organisations to identify and rectify weaknesses before a malicious attacker does, potentially saving substantial financial and reputational harm.

Enhancement in Incident Response: The testing process helps find flaws in incident response procedures and communication breakdowns, which can be crucial in effectively responding to actual cyber attacks.

Compliance: Many industry regulations necessitate regular penetration testing as part of their compliance requirements.

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